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Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you have questions, that's exactly why we've laid out all the answers for you here.

  • How do you make sure a lead is qualified?
    We make every effort to ensure that the lead fits the profile of your target client. Additionally, we have years of experience and are aware of the data elements that lead to eligible brands. Employee count is one of these data points.
  • What is an SDR?
    A member of an organization's inside sales team, a sales development representative (SDR) is responsible for ensuring customer retention. An SDR's primary duties include prospecting, outreach, and lead qualification. Reaching out to as many B2B leads as possible is one of a sales development representative's major objectives in order to identify which leads are suitable for business and which ones aren't. SDRs are frequently viewed as a "connection" between a company and its prospecting list. They respond to customer inquiries, provide pertinent knowledge and resources, and assess each B2B sales lead's future potential.
  • What is a sales opportunity?
    A targeted prospect that fits your ICP and is interested in speaking with you about your products or services is referred to as a sales opportunity.
  • What is a sales pipeline?
    Every day, a new company enters the market. But not every business endeavour succeeds. How come? Some could argue that the lack of a grasp is to blame for failure, but others would argue that pipeline management is the only factor at play. Despite the fact that you may be familiar with several sales pipeline stages, you may not be aware of their formal names. The business development process requires a practical and successful sales pipeline analysis.
  • What is email outreach?
    Email outreach is one of the outbound lead generation tactics used in B2B sales, where marketing and sales teams email cold leads in an effort to initiate a dialogue and ultimately close a deal.
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