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How can you increase your SaaS customer base using cold emails?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

This article will explain to you how you can use cold email campaigns and email marketing to enhance customer acquisition, conversion, and revenue for your SaaS.

SaaS email marketing strategies can include a lot of speculation. SaaS founders sometimes resort to throwing darts at unfocused concepts when they lack specific campaign strategies. With the assistance of our team, we can guarantee that you will be able to extract a lot of value from your email lists by taking a focused and scientific approach. We can help you focus your SaaS outreach efforts and increase MRR by using tried-and-true techniques.

“According to Constant Contact, businesses can anticipate making $38 in revenue on average for every $1 they spend on email marketing.”

We bring a distinct viewpoint to lead generation as specialists. While many lead generators have expertise in digital marketing, we build campaigns from a business development perspective. Our analysis of performance data, identification of qualified leads, and authoring of your emails all significantly rely on this experience.

Recommendations For SaaS Email Marketing To Increase ROI

The typical open rate for SaaS email marketing campaigns is roughly #25%, which is the average across all industries. SaaS companies targeting businesses with 1–50 people should strive for healthy open rates of 50% and above, according to our experience with conducting effective campaigns. The following advice should be taken into account if you want to perform above average and get high open and reply rates.


You should think about segmenting your email list depending on various factors to personalize and contextualize your outreach efforts. For instance, depending on the number of employees at a company, you might use multiple email templates. You'll probably see a higher response rate when you understand the nuances of outreach and send tailored emails.

How can you send out an outreach email without making it seem unprofessional?

We are all familiar with the signs of poor email outreach. If you're like most SaaS founders, you likely receive a tonne of subpar outreach emails each week. The best course of action is to segment your prospect lists and create campaigns around particular data points.

Set A Clear Goal For Your Email Campaign

You must be very clear about the goals of your outreach campaign before you can start to create any email templates. Determining a call-to-action that corresponds with the desired activity entails taking some time. If you have several CTAs, you might be able to split test them to see which ones get the best response from potential customers.

Automate Email Marketing To Scale

Manually sending every email is not a scalable technique if you're starting a big email marketing campaign. You must gain access to and use the systems that let you mass schedule emails. With the help of these solutions, you can quickly customize hundreds or even thousands of emails with a variety of different data variables by synchronizing prospect data with your email templates.

Considering Micro-Conversions

SaaS founders frequently undervalue micro-conversions. When prospects convert into paying customers, the "ultimate" conversion, it's simple to lose sight of other important data metrics. On the path to acquiring a paying SaaS customer, a number of micro-conversions will often need to take places, such as a case study click-through or blog visit.

It is essential to discover micro-conversions in addition to your core conversions as you are ready to launch a SaaS email campaign. To maximize campaign performance, you can optimize your email copy around these once you've found them. It is simpler for you to move prospects toward the "ultimate" conversion when you promote micro-conversions.

Develop A Reporting Infrastructure

You need to have the proper reporting infrastructure in place in order to monitor a variety of metrics and measure campaign performance efficiently.

Partner With A SaaS Growth Agency

Your SaaS email outreach efforts can be developed, followed, and improved by our team. For SaaS firms of all sizes, we offer the tools and knowledge to scale email outreach programs successfully. To get your SaaS outreach initiatives off to a strong start, we can send targeted B2B emails every month.

It can take several hours to get a SaaS email campaign ready for launch. If you don't know what you're doing, this could turn into a massive job that finally gets put on hold. In other instances, SaaS owners will hurriedly finish creating a campaign. This can lead to entrepreneurs missing out on crucial details like segmentation and carefully crafted email copy.

This poses a challenge to the continuity of your lead generation activities. Fypion provides a fast, effective, cost-efficient, and low-risk solution.

Are you prepared to start increasing MRR with email outreach? We have your back.

We are eager to hear more about your SaaS company if you have any questions about how we could improve your outreach efforts.

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